Friday, 22 April 2011

Fox in the Night.

My son rents an apartment in the city and sometimes I sleep on his floor.

Each time I do this I have vivid dreams; I’m not sure if it’s the position of the futon that is responsible, though someone once told me that sleeping on the ground intensifies the dream experience, or if it’s the fumes from his cans of spray paint.

He is studying art.

And cans of spray paint is where it’s at.

Obviously I do other things at his apartment – his washing up for one thing, throwing out the garbage and replacing light bulbs that he hasn’t quite got round to - that sort of thing.

This time it was the bathroom light -which of course he forgot to mention at a time when I could have gone to a shop and done something - and i was left me to discover it for myself as I got ready for bed and floor level dreams.

This meant that in the morning I had to shave in total darkness – I know where my face is, can usually locate the chin area but still when I got into the car to drive to work I was pretty surprised.

I looked like a panda.

My dream had also featured an animal.

In it I was standing, waiting and talking to friends when a large fox walked up to me. It was injured, probably dying and as it lay at my feet I sensed that it needed the comfort of a caring hand.

I tried my best.

In its side there was a gaping hole and it really did not look very healthy.

In the dream I was distracted and looked up to say something to my friends – when I turned back to the fox it had gone.

Looking around I saw it get into a white car sit behind the steering wheel and drive off.


Anne Hodgson said...

It wasn't Le Petit Prince's fox, was it?

popps said...

Hmmm, interesting idea, i'd better look gain at that book because i have forgotten the fox!
By the way - aren't you meant to be studying?!

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