Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Even though the dawn-to-morning sky was breathlessly pure, I opted to spend my time indoors at the kitchen table; it was time to open, file, answer, discard and pay the letters, bank statements and final demands that had been ignored and growing since the beginning of September.

This lead to a pressing need to go through and edit the crammed contents of the file i use for such archiving as there was no longer room to add anything.

Within moments i disappeared under an avalanche of crumpled paper destined for this evening's "get the chill out of the air" fire and would probably be still there floundering if the guests hadn't entered expecting to use the table for breakfast.

They came bearing a mound of freshly gathered wild garden blackberries and so i cleared decks swiftly and tucked in.

The house is apt to flood with pieces of important paper that reside everywhere except where they should and today's cellulose meanderings unearthed these examples from the top of the fridge, they represent Loui's latest musings on having a tattoo.

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