Sunday, 5 October 2008

when you wish....

There have been a lot of things falling out of the sky recently; leaves, hail, Saharan sand and , if you believe Dave Kirket , a character in the book i am reading at the moment, pianos.

Actually that last bit isn't true, there isn't even a character of that name in the book i finished last night, Sentinels by Bill pronzini; and nothing about pianos either - it just sounded good for the paragraph i was writing.

Last night as i left the bar where i had been reading chapters 12 to 15, waiting for Loui and Minnie to finish dancing i looked up at a staggeringly clear and starry night and saw a shooting star. The angle of the road i was climbing and the limestone cliffs that rise above the town gave the perspective of a star falling.

It reminded me of a line from a Joni Mitchell song; "I saw a falling star burn out, above the Las Vegas sands."

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