Monday 8 March 2021

The Non-Importance of Sadness

She said - Ok, so you’re not ready to forgive. And closed the door.

He waited, she would come back eventually.

When she did, he said -  It’s not about forgiveness, there’s nothing to forgive. Choices were made, stuff was said, time moved on.

She said – It’s not the people, it’s the situation.

He said – it hurt.

She said – I know.

He said – It still hurts, that’s all.

She said – you want it to hurt.

He said – I don’t , I want it to be like it was before.

She said – it is.

He said – no, it isn’t, it won’t be until new choices are made and stuff is done.

She said – your annoying.

He said – I don’t mean to be, it’s something to do with complicity.

She said – how?

He said – and trust.

She looked at him, she decided to listen.

He said – there was love.

She said – there still is.

He said – maybe love is too big a word, but there was trust and complicity.

She said nothing.

He said – they didn’t trust me completely, I would have trusted them all the way.

She said – so?

He said – so our complicity was broken.

She said – If there was complicity.

He said – I think there was.

She said – maybe there still is.

He said – maybe, it would be nice.

She said – make it happen.

He said – I can’t.

She said – why not?

He said – we have to be together, we aren’t, so there is no complicity.

She said – I don’t know if I understand.

He said – If we are together, it won’t be the same, not at first. 

She said – so it hurts?

He said – yes.

She said – do you like it?

He said – I don’t think about it.

She said – clearly you do.

He said – I’m sad, but it doesn’t matter.

She said – listen to what you are saying.

He said – It’s no longer important.

She said – That’s sad.

He said – that’s what I said. But for now it’s not important.


London Joe said...

we are complex creatures.
you have clearly not forgotten how to love

popps said...

hope not ...
because it's all you need x