Monday, 24 February 2020

Integration of Much.

Bocchum/Fev 2020

Need to catch up, been busy.

Went to Seviile, went to Cologne.

Went to a cello concert.

Ran an illegal cocktail bar for a night.

Caught up with an old friend.

Planted some flowers.

Fed the birds.

Sat in a steam room.

Sat on a plane.

Sat in the café, sold some cake.

Bought some old deckchairs and an old book.


Our Friend the Atom.

Bought some old safety pins.

Met an artist.

Interviewed them for the radio.

Made a poster.

Made a cake.

Made some soup.

Had my blood pressure taken.

Caused a panic.

Watched a show.

Watched my weight.

Watched the spring integrate.

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