Tuesday, 4 February 2020

A crocodile, an elephant and an orange.

Seville/ Feb 2020

There’s a crocodile hanging from the ceiling in the Cathedral in Seville.


It might be real (the crocodile) it might be a sculpture made in wood or it might be both.
In a way.

It hangs next to an ivory tusk, possibly elephant.

Not many people notice it.
Not many people see.

Most are looking down at their phones.

Few people look up.

Or out.

Only in.

It might be a problem.

The looking.
Not the crocodile – I doubt that it cares.

Wooden crocodiles are like that – they don’t care.

Live ones might not care either.

But what do I know?

Not much about crocodiles that might be wooden, or real.

Not much about other people.

A bit about myself, or at least I try to.

Here mainly.

On blank paper also.

That only I get to see.
Unless you ask.

Which rarely happens.

It may change, but don’t hold your breath.

There are a lot of Oranges in Seville too.

Many lie on the floor, smashed under foot.

Maybe phones are to blame for this too.

I don’t think it’s down to the oranges themselves.
Or the crocodile come to that.

There are memories here too.

Mine for now.

I leave them trampled in the ground as I pass.

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