Friday, 10 January 2020

THE QUIZ update

symbol used in Sweden to prepare the country when they switched from driving on the left to the right.


I promised that an update on the quiz of the year would be published 'the day after tomorrow' which is now 'the day before the day before yesterday', today.

So i'll stick it here where it should have been and now is.

Then we can get on with the rest of our lives.

There is, of course, a GRAND Prize to be won - i just haven't decided what the GRAND PRIZE will be  exactly, other than Grand.

But no one has won the QUIZ of THE  YEAR 2020 yet, so i have time.

So here it is - The Quiz.

Last year - 2019 - every post here on the blog had a photo, the caption of which is part of the lyric of a song inspired, mainly , by the photo.

The Winner of the Grand Prize is they that give me the most complete correct list of the song titles.

After i've posted this i'll count up how many there are exactly.

I'll post that subsequently if you want to wait before you start.

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