Tuesday 11 April 2017

Three Oranges, an Art Gallery and an Onion.

Madrid/A month ago

That’s it?

It is.

Three oranges?

They’re big.

No cheese?

The fridge is full of cheese.


I’m going to make some.

What’s this?

An onion.


I got some spinach.

Great, so where’s my change?

There isn’t any.

Isn’t any? I gave you seventy euro!



I got these.




Vinyl classics!

Three of them?


And one onion?

Music will get you through times of no onions better than onions will get you through times of no music.

I’ve read The Furry Freaks to you know.

And I might have bought an art gallery.


An ….

I heard you! What do you mean ‘might’?

It might be construed as a promise to buy.


The painting.

The painting?

He said he would throw it in if I bought the gallery.

I should bloody hope so.

And the cow.

The cow?

Yes, the renters want to take it down, he said if I bought the gallery I could tell them it had to stay.

And you said?

Ah, good...... and I might have said yes.

Might? It’s there again. Did you or, what the fuck are you going to do with a gallery?

Good question, can I get back to you?

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