Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Bottle in a Message©.

Mediterranean Shore/Yesterday

We WILL need a bottle.

I’ve got a bottle, there’ one in the cupboard under the sink.

It’s got to be a nice bottle.

It is.

Not too nice that someone will put it on a shelf to look at.

It’s nice, old-fashioned milk bottle style.

Perfect! Then we have to print on it, how do you print on glass.

We can use paint.


Glass paint.

Will it last? It mustn’t fade.....

It will last.

Or chip.

It will chip eventually.

I might research printing, and I’ll write to Sneaky cards about the coding for tracking.

They won’t give it you.

They might, I’ll say I’m a conceptual artist.

Conceptually speaking.

This blog is a concept.

So am I.

What will you call it?

Bottle in a message.

Google it.

Good idea.


Yep, it’s all the other way round.

We’d better copyright it.

That’s what I’m doing right now.


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