Friday, 24 March 2017

The Golden Age of Once Before.

Madrid/Since 1923

How old is this theatre?

It was built in the twenties.

That’s a little vague.

Only a little - 1923. Or thereabouts.


I wasn’t there at the time; I was there a couple of weeks ago. But the Wikipedia book says 1923 with an inauguration in 1912.

It’s old.

It is, shall we go in and watch a film, apparently the ceiling is beautiful and covered in little stars that shine as the lights go down.

What’s on?

Hmm, hang on… An Almodo(with an accent)var Retrospective, The Incredible Shrinking man and Sunrise – A Song of two Humans.

I’d like to see that!

Ok, dos billettes por favour.

No hay.


What’s up?

It’s sold out.

Sold out?! It’s a fairly obscure film.

It’s an obscure classic film in a classic obscure cinema, and the tickets are only 2 euro 50.

Let’s go to the roof bar instead.

The one we already spoke about, with the really young waiter.

Yes, I need a drink.

I’m hungry.

We’ll go to the tapas bar again after.

The one built in the twenties?

Golden age.

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