Saturday, 25 March 2017

Mañana por la Mañana.


What did he say?

He said it’s not open yet.

Really? Are you sure? You thought the man at the airport told you the metro was closed.

He did. It was.

Yeah, but you thought he meant the whole metro. It was just one line.

It was the only line.

From where we were.

To where we had to be! The alternative was three busses.

We took a taxi.

Fixed rate, no problem.

So this guy is saying we can’t go in?

That’s right, they are still setting up.

Spain doesn’t start early?

Not here, remember they were still going deep into the night.

What should we do?

Come back.

No, I meant in the meantime.

Lets go see The Guernica.

It’s here?

It certainly is.

It’s not open either.

It will be soon; we could have a coffee in that café over there on the corner.


What did she say?

The coffee machine isn’t ready yet; it hasn’t reached its operating temperature.

When will it be ready?


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