Friday, 17 March 2017

No Way Back.

Madrid/last Thursday

Is this The Prado?

No, this is the queue to get into the queue to get tickets to get into the queue to get into The Prado.

It’s a big queue. Was it like this back in the day?

Ah, back in the day! We just strolled in.

You were young.

I was single!


Only worrying about cucumbers. The shops were empty of them.

It was March.

Like now.

There was a girl.

The puppet lady.

You have a good memory.

Is that why we’re here?

Let’s go to the park.


London Joe said...

Former Director of the Prado - Gabriele Finaldi.
I have known him since he was at school: nice chap. I was round his house three weeks ago. Yes, he is back living in his house in Catford.
Nowadays he runs the National Gallery.
Bloody well hung, I'd say...

popps said...