Thursday, 16 March 2017

Art tu Brut(e).

Madrid/One week back

Blimey! What’s this?

It says it’s an old locomotive engine repair house.

I feel like I’m in a war movie.

How do you mean?

You know, those films where the hero stumbles into an abandoned village after the Nazis have left and it’s all quiet - but there’s a sense of something nasty hanging in the air.

Hmm. Could be the doors hanging open and the discarded ephemera on the floors.

That or I’m in an episode of Dr Who.

That’ll be the white noise from the half dozen video screens on the other side.

What did the guy say at the door?

Is this your first time?

Anything else?

That he doesn’t like being here alone at night-time.

Look at this!

That’s disturbing.

Fantastic building though; I wish I had one.

The guy at the door also said it was art- brut.

Can we go to the Prado?


London Joe said...

Fab place. You seem to have enjoyed the trip

popps said...

It was fantastic!!
Going again!