Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A counterpoint to a counterpoint to Frank, in the Christmas Musical advent Calendar Thingy (2016) 20.

I'm looking for a transition.

A transition from 'Winter' to 'Christmas' - so that this Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy can finally live up to its name.

Will this do?

A rhetorical question me thinks because i think yesterday's post was the transition, and i wrote the above some time previously when i was still worrying about transitions, and the whole Christmas Musical Thingy was little more than a 'thing'.

And a thin thing at that.

If you have been following The Thingy these last 18 days you will have noticed that modus operandi is a leitmotif.

If these words are correct...

And so, at this point, it is time to take stock.

We"ve got Christmas established in tune if not in reality where we, the editorial staff and i, sit - though we have put the tree up... the 25th 24th and 23rd are in the advanced publishing holding area... and today we are late.

So, at a quick calculation we have 4 days to knock some shape - rhyme and reason - into the whole thing ....... so the editorial staff are sitting down - i already said that - and looking at what we've got and what we can do.

Well we can sit....

It's such a mess!

We've got a bit of an introspective section coming and we are desperate to keep an eclectic mix to the whole thing - i mean does anyone else have Zappa/Madonna/ Jive Turkeys/ Mazzy Star/Rahsaan Roland Kirk together in their Christmas playlist?

Incidentally - talking of mess - we've just discovered, looking to see if we had Zappa/Madonna/ Jive Turkeys/ Mazzy Star/Rahsaan Roland Kirk together in our Christmas playlist, that we have already posted the ditty intended for the 24th - so that's a bummer and we have to go back to the snow-covered drawing board.

Which brings us neatly to snow and the only thing we could manage from our round table attempts at organisation.

A segue from 'let it fall' to 'ok that's enough'.

Oh, and by the way, it's raining.

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