Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Two More Boxes.


Drrrrrinnng. Drrrrrinnnnn….



How’s tricks?

The cat?

No…... tricks… not Trix.

Oh, fine.

Do you have a cat called Trix?


Thought so.

What’s up Bob?

Well, I noticed that you’ve come to the end of An Exercise In Style – well done by the way; it will remain a seminal work.

You think?

Seminal or senile.

Too early to say then.

So I was wondering if you wanted to plough on with the rest of the archive blockage.

How’s it going?

Good in fact, only two boxes left.


Yep – one marked November and the other December.

Interesting. Fortuitous too.

I’d say. I’ve had a peep in December and it looks like a Thingy!

OOOOH! That’s exciting as well as fortuitously interesting then.

Fruity – it’s easier to say.

Fruity. Exactly. Let’s roll with November then.

I’ll send them over tomorrow; they just need chronlogizing.

Can you say that?

I just did. Bye.


another interrupt

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