Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Fairy Tale. (previously published as Any Bugger Can).

i do...

Are you ok?

Because it was you in the dream.....

Or am I ok?

Because…… it was you in the dream....

And i haven’t seen you for over ten years, maybe twenty.

Can that be true?

But it felt like yesterday, or…

No, it felt like almost the first time.

I could smell you.

You were that close.

It was in Spain, of course, by the sea.

Late October, whereas it’s early here.

The swallows sweeping over the bay, people sitting as the evening faded.

A puppet show; a fairy tale.

Sitting at the long table at the bar, I forgot to pay though you had given me the money.

You spoke of something that you once taught me.

Times were changing.

You had questions to ask.

The future is uncertain.

Then you cried.

You said – ‘Lolo loves me.”

I had to ask you to remind me who Lolo was.


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