Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The BSN - a National Royal.

we don't care what your name is boy!

Trrrrrrring. Trrrrrring.


Hi, this is Rudolph Norvelk of the BSN.

The British Salad Nights?

The British Salad Knights? Do they exist?

No I said Nights, not Knights.

Oh sorry, no this Is Rudolph, Rudolph Norvelk of The R.N.B.S.N.

The R.N.B.S.N?

The Royal national Blog Support network.

I didn’t know there was one.

There is, I’m the chairman. I’m also the secretary, but that’s a anotehr story.

What can I do for you Mr Norvelk?

Well it’s more a case of what I can do for you.

I’m not following.

We at the Network think you need our support.

You do?

Yes, we’ve noticed that you haven’t posted for a few days; we’re concerned.

That’s really nice of you, but don’t worry – it’s just that I can’t find my camera.

Your camera?

Yes, I like to post an original photo with ever post and I felt lost without it.

Have you looked in your black bag that’s hanging up by the fridge?

You know about my black bag hanging up by the fridge?

It’s our job to know about Black bags that are hanging up by fridges.

That’s a bit Spooky.

Your cat?

You know about my cat?

It’s the Network’s job to look after the pets too.

I’m not sure I need this, how did you get my number.

Bob gave it to me.

Yes – Bob is concerned; he was expecting to see the archive blockage unblocking; He was expecting a photo of the Super Moon too.

Like I said, I can’t find my camera.

I couldn’t find the Super Moon.

Nor me, it was damp and cloudy.

The damp was probably inconvenient but I think it was the cloud that caused the problem.

I saw it in the morning and it woke me in the middle of the night, I thought I had left the outside light on.

Shame you didn’t  have your camera; I assume you have looked under the car seats, in the back of the car, in that unpacked bag in the hallway, under the sofa, next to the wrong side of the bed, in the other car, on the kitchen table, in the red bag, the blue bag, the yellow bag, and in the office behind the door?

Of course.

Have you looked in the corner behind the armchair next to the pile of games?

I haven’t.

You should.

I will……… I have. It is! Thank you Mr Norvelk.

Thank the BSN, and please, call me Rudolph.

The Red Nose?

Dear, dear.

Thanks, I mean it.

Here to serve, have a good day now. Bye.

Bye, if you speak to Bob, tell him all is well.

Will do.

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