Saturday, 19 November 2016

A Day at The Baths.

bikes and graffiti- the series

Where did you spend the day ?

at my favourite place in koln Die Claudiabad sauna... 

Cool – er ; i mean hot – probably. No ?

Yes, we sat in a small wooden hut crowded and naked for the ceremony of saltz und honig.

Honey and salt ceremony ? What’s that ?

The master of ceremonies came, spoke in german then proceeded to scoop water onto the stones the steam rose up….

Did you have your lenses in, or your glasses on ?

Both !  My already short sightedness grew much more blurred, the fragrance of mint and blackberries filled our senses then the ringleader artfuller swung his white towel and threw the heat on us.  

Artfully, you mean – artfully. But blackberries ! Nice.

Then a choice of bowls was given out, honey or salt.

Which did you go for ?

 I chose honey.

I think i might have gone for salt.

Well, I had to refrain from eating it, but followed suit and spread it over my body!  I really don't think you'll find this behavour anywhere in Brexit land.

Ha !

The towel was artfully swung again the honey meleds and then the door was opened for a cold shower and an inviting pool to jump in.  

Sticky water ?

Came off in the shower.

Neat !

Back again for round two!

Salt ?

No ! But I noticed that not everybody had returned and started to feel a little worried if I could handle what we were about to be given.

 Pepper ?

Silly ! No, the ringleader threw ice onto the stones the steam rose and he started to perform like a crazed bull fighter with his white towel

Olé !

I uncovered my eyes against the heat to see him in front of me in a deep plié ready to jump !

Into the honey ?

 On me !

Blimey !

'ou' I exclaimed - heard the people laugh through a blanket of heat.

What happened next ?

Then Annette and I went to our favourite pool to swim..that place is heaven!  We finished with a glass of wine and cycled back.

Is Anette a honey or salt girl?



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