Saturday, 22 October 2016

An Exercise In Style - The Bitsnbobs October 2016 Mini-Series (Hesitation).

exercise in style 22

Queneau - French bloke, wrote a book, inspired me. I've explained it all here.

Day 22 - Hesitation

When did all this happen? Morning? Afternoon? Maybe it was the middle of the night, or if not the middle then early in the night.

I think it was dark, but there might have been a moon. Full? Perhaps. Or close to full, if not then just after full.

There were stars, or there could have been.

Perhaps it was cloudy.

There must have been; there was snow, or there had been snow.

Earlier, or the day before.

This week sometime.

I’m not sure exactly when.

What else was there?

A man, it looked like a man. It wasn’t a child, though he might have been a child in his mind.

Or his dreams?

There was something in his hand, or it was close by. He could have dropped it, or thrown it, unless he tried to bury it.

It wasn’t whole, unless many pieces are considered as a whole. Can they?

There was something else on the snow – a colour.

Brown? Rust? Crimson or red?

Was it blood?

Rose petals?


Confetti would have been mixed colours wouldn’t it, I’m not sure.

Was there anyone else there?

There seemed to be bystanders, or officials. They might have been the owners of the house, or more likely one of them.

Unless a couple owned it?

Or rented it.

Maybe the person lying in the snow, or ice was one of them.

Or separate.

Or not included.

What was that on top of him?

A coat?

His coat? Her coat? I think one of the officials could have put it there, or else one of the bystanders.

Everyone looked as if they were talking at once.

Or singing.


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