Friday, 21 October 2016

An Exercise in Style - A Bitsnbobs October Mini-Series (Informal)

exercise in style 21

Queneau - French bloke, wrote a book, inspired me. I've explained it all here.

Day 21 Informal.

Well ok, there was this guy – I don’t what he was thinking.

I mean, for a start it was snowing.

Big flakes.


He had a hat, but no coat, no gloves – you wouldn’t catch me out on a night like that.

Now, it seems that he had a bottle of wine – some says it was white, some says it was red.

You know what?

It was Rioja.

I saw him buy it.

It weren’t cheap either.

That’s the last I saw of him but I heards he went up to Witchy’s house.

Yeah – we call her that.

She lives out there on her own with her black cat.

Except, she wasn’t in.

Out on her broomstick most probably.

The cops brought him back.

Put him in the cell for the night, they says he was causing a breech of the peace.

Seems he ripped up some roses.

A bit harsh if you ask me.


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