Tuesday, 4 October 2016

An Exercise in Style - A Bitsnbobs Mini-Series (two sides - a).

exercise in style - 4
Day Four of Exercises in Style A Mini Series - explained here- random posting. 

Two sides(a)


Mum, stop a moment, listen. He came back.


He broke in.

Yes, yes – I’m all right, I wasn’t there.

I’m fine, the police are here. 

Yes, it’s ok really, I’m just upset. He didn’t really break in, the door was open…

It’s not necessary, the police are handling it. But..

The roses dad planted, they’re ruined.

He pulled them up.

I don’t know! Why on earth does he even keep coming round?

Probably, there was a smashed bottle on the doorstep.
He was asleep by the bottle.

Of course! He was asleep next to it!

There’s more.

I’m afraid so.

No, don’t, I’ll come there tomorrow. I’m ok now, I just needed to tell you. Goodnight mum.

Love you too. Bye.


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