Wednesday, 12 October 2016

An Exercise in Style - A Bitsnbobs Mini-Series (Negativities)

exercise in style -12

you might know by now that this month on the blog is Mini-Series month, and that that mini-series was inspired by a certain Queneau. If, however, you don't know this you should click on this link which explains everything.

DAY 12 Negativities.

It was neither his fault nor hers but the consequence of alcohol; neither spirits nor beer but red wine.

None of it remained.

Nor did the bottle - neither lost nor missing but present and broken.

He was neither sitting nor walking but lying, neither naked nor normally cloathed but covered by a blanket.

She was neither smiling nor laughing but staring into the night as the police, neither hurried nor slovenly, but neat and efficient, took notes.

The roses were no longer growing nor yet dying but struggling.

It was neither raining nor stormy, but it was snowing.

Neither heavily.

Nor lightly.




Giuseppe Grossi said...

Queneau, not quinoa?
Good for you, Topper.

Art school would not know what hit it if you went there.

Saw that photo of you with your leg on the railing: I canna do that, ma friend. Am in the queue for a double hip replacement. Arthritis.

Your piece has some of the romantic melancholy of 'Le grand Meaulnes', which I read for A level back in... 1974. It is lovely. Would it grow into a novella?

Take care: hugs to you all from Hove by Brighton.

(I have big news: have met a fantastic woman to replace the irreplaceable Saffron)

popps said...

oh i would like to be beside the seaside
oh i would like to be beside the sea
and there's lots of women beside, i would like to be beside
beside the seaside beside the sea


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