Monday, 17 October 2016

An Exercise in Style- A Bitsnbobs Mini-Series (Litotes).

exercise in style -17

Queneau - French bloke, wrote a book, inspired me. I've explained it all here.

Day 17- Litotes.

It was about midnight I guess – we had been to the pub; there were four of us.

It had been snowing; we were surprised, for when we had gone into the pub the night had been cold but clear.

We saw the tracks in the snow and that’s why we stopped, under the moonlight they looked so perfect we wanted to take photos.

He must have made a sound, that’s why we found him; maybe he cried, maybe he sighed.

In the quiet snow any sound would have carried.

We had a blanket in the car by chance; we covered him and called the cops.

We waited there until they came.

The lights were on in the house; the front door was open.

We waited outside. No one spoke.


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