Saturday, 3 September 2016

Towards The End.

be on my side, i'll....

Retired at 60 and then?

Just a beginning really.

45 years.

I’m 61, I feel old sometimes.


Today for example, I wanted to go for a seven-kilometre run but I ate humus on toast instead.

Now I have to digest.

Then it will be too hot.

Then i'll be 62.

I went the seven K yesterday, foot hurt, leg complained, brain struggled.

Felt tired all day.

Cut the grass though.


My aunt was ninety something when she died; her last year was definitely not worth it.

How long?

I woke the other day and thought – hey, you know how you always fancied being a train driver?

Probably won’t ever happen.

Should have done it earlier.

Or, long distance lorry driver?

It always seemed like an attractive job – I like travelling.

Probably won’t do that either.

Live by the sea?

Better start.

(Look at her face.
It says a lot.)


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