Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Some Are, Some Aren't 26 - Done/Dusted.

And there you go - this wraps up the Bitsnbob’s Summer Playlist – also known as the Some Are, Some Aren’t Playlist.

A Summer Playlist that has playlisted here on Bitsnbobs, all through August to give the blog a summer holiday feel.

Incidentally, this Summer Playlist is also known as the Bitsnbobs Summer Advent Calendar Christmas Musical Thingy, without the advent calendar bit.

Or the Christmas bit either.

Which makes it the Some Are, Some Aren’t Bitsnbobs Summer Musical Thingy.

As a Summer Playlist of all things summery, or not, it has tried to honour, surprise and challenge whatever conceptions of a summer playlist you or I hold.

There have been some glaring omissions, and if I hadn’t fallen asleep on the beach at a crucial moment they may well have appeared in one of the vacant slots that ensued.

The fact that they didn’t explains why the Bitsnbob’s Some Are and Some Aren’t Summer Playlist closes today at and on our 26th ditty.

Maybe the Kinks will make it next year.


And when.

int (in a sa/sa) 67

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