Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Dolphins with Hindsight.


With hindsight I probably shouldn’t have been on the boat.

It was reckless and I ought to have told someone.

The trip out from the city had been easy, on board exciting but getting back was not the same.

I had to phone from the deck to tell people at home I was on the high sea, heading south.

They were surprised; that morning I had stepped out to the north in order to buy bread.

I had little more with me than the price of a baguette, but I was lucky- there was a boat back.

A speed boat.

But we still saw dolphins.

I ended up in Marseille, still a long way from home but in the same country at least.

There was a moped taxi that took me through the streets of the city that had existed a century before; the driver spoke to me in German, i replied in Spanish.

The roads were unpaved, the city unfinished.

Not that it is complete today; but no one cares much now.

I worried too much and woke, the light was too strong maybe?

Not a full moon but one that was very insistent.

The bed was empty, someone not there that was meant to be, waking somewhere else.

I looked at the clock.

Too early.

And too late.

So I lay in the darkness, listening.

To nothing.


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