Sunday, 18 September 2016

Autumn A-settling.

bon sig(n)

A hotel room: number 46 (I wish).

A trapeze artist and his wife: a trapeze artist and her husband. Two trapeze artists and their children: young women – one about to study in New York the other about to be an artist/illustrator/bookmaker.

Their son not there.

A Tube station: another wife; another daughter.

The hotel could be anywhere, probably America.

The Tube station is in London; otherwise it wouldn’t be a Tube Station.

It would be a Subway, maybe a Metro.

A circular hallway - tiled and clean - the entrance to the toilets.

A tap dancer, waiting.

I’m taking photos.

A close up of symbols, a young child smiles in.


The cat walks past the house, calling.

I reach for my pillow.

Outside it’s raining.

ab/130 but seemed appropriate.

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