Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Some Are, Some Aren't 8.

This windscreen is wet; her view of cars across the bridge is not clear and she feels like she is squinting through a loosely woven cardigan.

She can hear the rain that is causing this wetness; it plays softly on the roof of the car where she sits, warm for the moment and still full from her visit to the café.

She ate braised honey pork and chose a creamy chocolate orange desert.

The car is a mess, the floor a scramble of dirt, grass and broken crisps; the seats are stained, the dashboard dusty and a jumble of half read newspapers, sandwich wrappings and cinema tickets cover the back seat; an opened lipstick tube lies on the front seat.

The car is a mess, she is too but she is sleepy.

She will sleep in this car.

But first she will drive out of the city.

a/b (in a sa/sa) 112


Mary said...

Video was blocked here but I know this song - every word - by heart. ONE OF MY VERY FAVOURITE SONGS EVER!!!!!!

All that summer we enjoyed it
Wind and rain and shine.

That umbrella, we employed it
By August she was mine.

Thank you :-)

These songs take me back to when I was a teeny-bopper, Can't help myself -- here's another one of my faves [note -- does mention 'sun' if not summer specifically]:


and this one from Chad & Jeremy -- a true classic.


Could do this all day but must get back to work. I have a meeting at 2 pm and I am very much behind.


popps said...

You are just a big soppy really aren't you?
A teeny-sopper.

Mary said...

Guilty as charged!

Well, I'm not Cliff Richard soppy [mostly because I don't think I ever really knew who he was/is].

But I am a child of my time, music, and circumstances.

One more just for good luck -- not too soppy I think:


Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime.


popps said...

Mary Mary
Quite Contrary

DID you listen to Some Are/Some Aren't 2 ?????!!!!!!!!

Mary said...

Mea culpa redux! I did listen to it but I didn't recognize it. A very nice cover of the song but totally different vibe. It sounds more like Joni Mitchell than Mungo Jerry!!!!!!!!

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