Monday, 8 August 2016

Some Are, Some Aren't 7.

A van just pulled up and parked on the spur that overlooks the beach.

The van is white.

There are four guys in the van, they get out and look at the sea.

The sea is blue.

A dream catcher hangs from the rear view mirror of the van.

One of the guys is older than the others; he wears a hat.

It looks like a cowboy hat, but in fact it’s a lightweight rain or sun hat, it’s difficult to say.

But he looks like a cowboy.

A cowboy without a horse; wearing swimming trunks and a rain hat.

A very thin cowboy.

One of the others has a ring of tattoos around the bicep of his left arm. He wears no shirt.

The third guy is wearing a shirt, and a beard, and a pair of black frames glasses. His eyesight is not strong.

The last guy has no shirt but does wear glasses. These though are sunglasses, white framed, he wants to look cool. He could be German. But he’s too thin.

They are all thin.

It makes it easy to be four in a van.

Oh, it turns out that I am wrong; there are two vans.

The cool guy has his own van.

That’s cool.

The guy with the blue shirt and the beard has the best shorts.

They are brightly coloured; they will match the design of the sail of his surfboard.

The surfboards are in the back of the vans.

The sails that go with the surfboards are also in the back of the van.

Though now they are on the sand.

The sand is the colour of sand.


The cool guy’s board is white.

His van is white.

The back of his van has been divided into storage spaces.

Each storage space is different; different in size and different in function. Boards here, sails there, tents here; towels there.

He could be German.

I can’t see the back of the other van, only the front.

There is a dream catcher hanging from the rear view mirror.

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