Thursday, 4 August 2016

Some Are, Some Aren't 4.

Been driving.

All day.

There's a melon on the back seat.

The window is open, the day streams in, and around.

But only the melon remains.

It was ripe when i bought it this morning.

Before the sun was really up.

Now i will have to stop and eat it.

I can go no further.

Loneliness is like this too.

It builds slowly, until it is too much.

the road can be lonely.

Loneliness can't be eaten.

It eats you.

a/b (in a sa/sa) 110


Mary said...

Eddie is right --

Ain't no cure
for the summertime

One good song deserves another. Doesn't get any better than the man himself - Roy Orbison -- Only the Lonely -- from the album Lonely and Blue.

PS -- Hot as Hades here.


popps said...

I thought you had abandoned me!
Great great song but is it "summery"?
Hang on... hot as Hades?

Mary said...

Yes - you are correct. But the song had to do with loneliness which is what you were talking about.

Anyway - yes - Hades is the Greek god of the underworld. 'Hot as Hades' is a saying from the Southern U.S. but technically -- as you point out -- is incorrect. I think they were trying to avoid using the word 'hell'.

Anyway, haven't abandoned anyone. Am right here where I always am -- working away.

Enjoying SA/SA etc.

One more song -- this time it is summery. 'Hot fun in the summertime' -- Sly and the Family Stone. Takes me back to when I wss a teenager:



popps said...

Ah teenager!
That takes us to number 8!

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