Saturday, 6 August 2016

Some Are, Some Aren't 5.

Dddrrrrrring…. Dddrrrrrrring…..ddddrrr.

Bitsnbobs, good morning how can we help?


Bob! How are you?

Fair to middling, and you?

Well middle! What’s up?

Oh nothing, just wanted to say I like what you’re doing.

And what’s that?

The incorporation of the Abs into a SA/SA, of course.

Ah… you noticed.

That I did.

You are the only one.

They are all on holiday.

Which makes the SA/SA really appropriate then., eh? 

Yes, but… and I don’t want to be critical… but… does it explain todays ditty?

Hey, critical is ok. .it implies that you have thought about things, and anyway today’s ditty clearly has the word ‘Summer’ in it.

All in all, we are on a sort-of Summer-Advent-Calendar-Musical-Thingy-Without-The –Advent-Bit? With an added hint that some posts are unblocked archive blockage and some are interrupts to this.

Sort-of, but I prefer to call it an SA/SA.

Some are, some aren’t?

Summer, Summern’t. It was predicted to be here.

It was? Remind me.

Yep, ok, here. Er, well, maybe I just THOUGHT it.

If you start asking me to archive your thoughts as well as your scribble we are going to need some bigger boxes.

That sounds like a indirect reference to a film.

It was.

Put it in the quiz of the year?

Isn’t it meant to be song titles?

This could be the exception that proves the rule.

Ok. Bit like today’s ditty.

int (in a sa/sa) 56

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