Monday, 4 July 2016

One Minute.

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Those of you in the know… know that this blog has a blockage in the archives that we – the editorial staff – are doing their best to unblock; we label the post ‘ab’ so that you know.

Those of you even IN the know, DON’T t know that this blog also has leaks – Bliki Leaks (so as not to confuse with Wiki ones) and that we label them ‘bl’ so that you know.

Now you know.

These leaks comprise stuff that gets talked about in the once every so blue often moon editorial planning meetings, where things are discussed that are not meant to be leaked - and maybe not meant to see the light of day.


Minutes July 4th 2016-07-04
Present – The Editor, Bob, Chip Davidson (aka Him), Marina The Romanian and A. B.I. Stander esq.
Apologies – Mary (as a two time winner of the Quiz of the year she holds an honorary position).
The minutes of the previous meeting were found under a coffee cup, read and accepted as being pretty much as true as anything else.
Marina raised the question of EU Nationalsliving in Britain and the government’s failure to guarantee anything other than ineptitude. A vote was taken as whether or not Britain should set standards that were worth being British for or whether they should hide away under a shameful cloak of pitiful posturing and shallowness. The right dishonourable member for Birmingham Edgbaston was singled out for particular ridicule.
The motion of the former was carried unanimously plus one.
The future matter of Bitsnbobs offering services in relationship counselling was addressed following a letter sent in from South London.
The Editorial meeting concluded that it was not in their remit or mentioned specifically in the unwritten constitution (rejected by The French members in 2005) and thus was very unlikely to be something that might not ever, never happen.
The meeting closed with drinks and nibbles.

an int/a bl


Giuseppe Grossi said...

Am reading whilst listeing to this

Giuseppe Grossi said...

All motioms were carried, am I right?

popps said...

Carried in AND out of the meeting;
nice choice of music!

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