Sunday, 3 July 2016


like us

But it still sounds good.

Brand new.

I can see the album cover in the kitchen.

I can SMELL the kitchen.

Helen is boiling grits, compost and eggshell; it’s not for dinner, it’s for the chickens out in the yard.

There’s a sack of grits in the corner.

The kitchen is functional; solid wooden work surfaces, recycled beams from the roof.

Forty years ago!

Forty! (41-ed)

The house has gone.

Helen probably still has the album.



Giuseppe Grossi said...

Supertramp first album ?

Hi Topper

popps said...

Giuseppe - there's a link!!! Follow the link! :-)

Giuseppe Grossi said...

Ah Loose Windscreen. That is one heck of an album. My uni friend, Simon, a soilcitor by trade, is a massive fan of this track. They are all sensational and exciting: 'Jungleland - and try to make an honest stand, but they wind up wounded, not even dead...'

Blue skies here.

popps said...

Over the white cliffs?
Here too!

Giuseppe Grossi said...

The weather here has been awful, compounded by the terrible heart-break I gave myyself when I left Saffron. As I explained to her recently, I thought I was walking away from pain but realised too late that I had walked away from love. Am so much wiser now, but have to move on without her.

Back to the weather, I can get away for a few weeks with Piero in the last fortnight of July. Maybe to France (freind has a place near Limoges) or to Lake Como if I can be brave about taking the white car all that way. Still umming and ahhing

popps said...

all the same
but if your car is uming and ahing
nout to complain

Giuseppe Grossi said...

vroom for improvement. Happy Monday

popps said...

yep i was struggling there.
Have a good day too
off to the French Space Agency now!

Giuseppe Grossi said...

commencing countdown, engines on...

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