Wednesday, 27 July 2016


do you promise not to tell?

There are places that are still secret; most people don’t know that they exist, and they should stay that way.

The world needs secrets - too much is known, too much is analysed and little is left to discover  - so I can’t tell you everything.

Just some.

The nine o’clock, beginning to set sun, settling slowly across the salt flats where the sculptured metal fish, rises or sinks, alongside the marooned fishing boat.

The narrow streets of the old town and the swallows that dart high above them.

This restaurant they are so relaxed, customers are turned away to give me, on my own, the last table.

Things are simple here, time runs slower.

Yet the food is good.

Freshly caught fish from the sea on the other side of the salt flats.

The sea that sparkles in the noonday sun.

And if the wind blows across the salt flats there are rainbows in the salty spray.

Salty sea-bows.

At night time the same sea is full of starlight; the night sky is be-speckled and when you swim the water flashes and dances through your hands.

Only few people swim here at night.

It’s still a secret.


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