Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Time For a Postcard 7

fresh squeezed lemon

My wife’s mother told her – ‘never walk up a volcano, your footsteps will provoke an eruption’.

So we didn’t climb Vesuvius.

Beryl may have been talking metaphorically but there is no point in taking un-necessary risks; so, instead we walked the path of The Gods.

Some of it.

It was crowded.

It’s a popular walk.

Especially amongst people with no sense of humour - or at least people who didn’t appreciate my cheerful greetings and jokes.

We also climbed Epotome.


It turns out that my wife doesn’t like hills.

Going up, she starts going down.

There’s a moment in the process when her legs are moving but she is, in fact, stationary.

It’s quite a phenomenon.

Locals rushed out and took photos.


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