Friday, 10 June 2016

An Interrupted Postcard.

sword in the gerona

It has occurred to me  - after speaking extensively with Mary – that some readers may be confused by the INTS and ABS that are littering this blog, despite our best efforts otherwise.

There may even be confusion as to whether the editorial staff is on holiday in Italy or indeed at home in the blog secret headquarters.

Some might blame the editorial staff for this confusion, others indeed may blame Mary.

To be honest though, things have not been as clear as mud – what has been offered here as A Postcard, has been labelled an INT; whereas if the editorial staff are no longer in Italy then The Postcard really is archival and therefore part of the blockage there in - which is being unblocked and posted as an AB.

Which would make this post an interrupt to that, whatever that is.

Let’s call it an interrupted archive blockage interrupt (INTABINT) and what has gone before and is about to come an ABINT.

And have a picture from Gerona.


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