Thursday, 26 May 2016

Save the World, Find the Book. (part 2)

only one, like it or not

The sun was just rising over the ocean and the sand where he lay was still cold so he shivered as he stretched

“Sleep well?”

He looked through half open eyes at Pep who was crouching trying to coax yesterday’s fire into life again, and smiled.

“Weird dreams, how about you?” He stretched again and rolled over, deliberately sending Pep sprawling face first in the sand.

“I’ll get you for that,” she giggled and jumped up and ran at him.

Josh was already on his feet running down the beach, he knew she would catch him eventually so he ran into the waves and dived into the sea; it was still warm, late summer still hung heavily in the air.

Pep stood on the shore and laughed; “You won’t stay in there all day, I’ll wait.”

“I’ll make the coffee if you forgive me”, he offered.


There was no coffee of course, they had finished that a year ago but Pep knew that a promised made from within the waves would be kept even if it took forever, and she wasn’t in a hurry. She turned and walked across the sand towards the trees, she needed something for the fire.

Josh swam a while before stepping once more onto the sands. He looked around; the rising sun was breaking the surf into a thousand stars, a thin whisp of smoke from the fire showed there was life there still and across the rocks, rocking gently, he checked that the boat was safe.

“Why don’t we ever sleep on the boat?” he called. Although he knew the answer already he liked to hear her say it.

“ Sleep on the waves and you will never be found, sleep on the sand you’ll wake safe and sound”. 

She had learnt that from her grandmother who had learnt it from her from her grandmother afore. Before that, her family hadn’t known the waters. Not like this.

No one had.


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