Saturday, 30 January 2016

This Year's Eve - The Archive Backlog 12.

on it

Do I need to check my e-mails this morning? Or can I continue to vacuum up the hairs of last year’s visiting dog – there are many that remain.

I have looked out the window and it’s raining – snow may be falling in the mountains whence I’m bound; this house is cosy and warm; yet full of dog hairs and work.

I’ve fed the cats, standing like a sentry in case of dispute and ate mine own alongside. 

Muesli soaked overnight in clear clean water.

I might boil and egg, maybe two – to put in my pocket for the mountain.

And a bottle of water.

Will it freeze?

Will i?

Thick duvet – that should do it, and a hat.


Extra heavy woollen socks should do the trick, keep your feet toasty and the hands will be happy.

The Archive Backlog

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