Thursday 7 January 2016

Return to the Found.

once lost, never lost

Drrring. Drrring.


Hi, it’s Bob.

cough, splutter, BOB!

You ok?

Am I ok! What about you? Where have you been, we thought you were dead. The world thought you were dead. We were sending out search parties!

Waste of time if you thought I was dead.

Where there’s death there’s hope.

Sweet. I’m fine, but I’ve got some news.

More?! I’m still recovering from you being not recently the former Bob.

I’ve been in the archives.

I found a hitherto unknown subterranean river.

Ah! The fabled HUSR!

I took a boat.


Found the lower level beaches.


A hut.

On the beach?

In the beach, it’s sort of submerged.


And cavernous.

Watertight? ‘Cos we’ve had trouble in the past.

Absolutely, I inspected the joins myself.

That’s good.

There’s something even better.


Ms Penny was there.

Wot!!!!!!!? Impossible!!

Possible, certain -  AND she’s in rude health.


She’s been living on seaweed.

Lost any weight?

She looks fantastic. And it turns out she’s my mother-in-law.


It turns out that she’s the Miskivas’s mum.

No, they were building the boat. Turns out the whole family were shipbuilders back in the day.

Back in the day?

Shipbuilding days. Anyway – everyone’s fine and healthy but we’re sending you some stuff.


An archive backlog, you should get it in the morning. It might need editing.

We won’t bother, just send it and we’ll post it.

It might not be chronological.

What is, these days?

Ok, i'll keep in touch.

You'd better.


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