Tuesday 5 January 2016

Is it is or is it isn't? Again!

New Year's Shadow

24th Jan/
20th Feb/24 Feb/
21st and 31st March/
April – the 1st 15th and 16th/
24th May/
1st and 11th July and the 3Oth/
Aug 2nd/
Sept? 2nd/7th/29th.
October – just the 8th/
In November? The 6th and the 16th!

What’s this all about?

How often do you read this blog and more importantly how much of it do you consider retaining once you have read it?

I have to read the whole darn thing AND I have to try and remember most of it so I don’t repeat myself.


What’s this all about?

It depends how often you read this blog.

And more importantly - how much of it do you consider retaining once you HAVE read it?

I have to read the whole darn thing!

And I have to try and remember most of it so..

Hang on…



YES! It’s about the QUIZ of THE (Last) Year!

Depending on what you read/retain you will know/not know that this blog runs a QUIZ of THE YEAR, with a GRAND PRIZE!

SOMETIMES – JAN 24th for example, we say there will be NO quiz of the year.

At other times – July 30th for example, we say that there will be.


Often Mary ends up winning – not necessarily because she’s correct, nor because the staff here are somewhat biased, but usually because she is the only one who can be bothered.

This year – Nov 6 – for example – she already has one point!

Inadvertently it turns out – she didn’t know that there was a quiz to answer, and we only have her word that she was the anonymous who inadvertently answered.

But there it is.

Still time to beat her.

And Mary you shouldn't be complacent and think you've already won with one.

All the dates you need are up there.

Two you can already dismiss – because I’ve explained that they only refer to editorial hesitation whether or not the QUIZ OF THE YEAR WITH A GRAND PRIZE would take place.

On all of the other aforementioned dates the caption of the photo is a reference to/quote from a song. Sometimes the Blog post title that day will also help.

Name as many of the songs as you can to win the GRAND PRIZE which is detailed in the comments of November 6th.

Good Luck.

Need a deadline?

End of month.

January 31st.

E-mail your answers to adamstppr@aol.com.


London Joe said...

Too many songs, just too hard.

The answer is CCXXII. That isn't Roman, it is just a censored comment

See you over the coming semaine, hooray

popps said...

Too Hard!!!????
At the moment you only need to get TWO right to win!

And the GRAND PRIZE is certainly worth it!

London Joe said...

Have I won yet? I have already spent the prize money on fish...

popps said...

Have you won yet?!!!
You haven't even ENTERED yet - only six days left!