Thursday, 28 January 2016

Eclairs at The Crossing - The Archive Backlog 10

cross to crossbones

Joseph Conway, looking for somewhere to retire to, had bought the house at the end of the terrace next to the pedestrian crossing; it was number 55, the same as his age or the year in which he was born – he could never remember which was which.

The house had a yellow stucco exterior which needed painting, and it reminded him of the sands at Cromer where he had honeymooned. It was on those sands that his young wife confessed to him that she had only married because she was in love with his best friend. She had left him and gone to live with Bill the following week.

He realised quickly that he would have to paint the interior as well; it was faded and stained by cigarette smoke.

The agency was glad to have finally shifted the property as most people found the constant stopping and starting of traffic at the crossing disruptive. Joseph liked the house BECAUSE of the crossing, he felt as if he was heading somewhere.

On the other side of the road was the baker’s and each day Joseph crossed to purchase two chocolate ├ęclairs; one for himself and one for immediately afterwards.

They were that good.

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