Thursday, 12 March 2015

Oh Lordy.

what if?

What would you do if you went to London for a few days?

What do you mean?

I mean, describe a typical ‘I’m off to London for a few days’ trip.


Yes, what would you do?

Well first I’d catch a plane.

Not the train?

I’d LOVE to go on the train, but I don’t have the money.

That’s insane.

What? That I don’t have the money?

No, that the train is more expensive than the plane.

I know, tell me about it.

What about the bus?

It’s cheap, but it takes so long and you have to stumble onto the boat at 3 am and this is a ‘few days’ trip so I don’t want to have to spend two of them recovering from the travel.

Ok, so… the plane? Which?

I would be price-restricted, so let’s say Ryan Air from Carcassonne.

Ok – ‘Ryan Air from Carcassonne’ – there I said it.

So I’d start by packing a bag.

What would be in it?

Socks, they go first ‘cos the bag has a sort of useless space at the bottom and you can fill it with socks.

How many?

A pair a day, the yellow ones and blue ones first.


Yes – a set per day.

Not intending to do any washing then?

No, then some gifts.


Carambars for my daughter; an egg with a chicken for my host; maybe a surprise.

What would the surprise be?

A travel anywhere box.

What’s a travel anywhere box?

Would you like a link?

I think I would.

Ok, let’s have a little break in this flow and I’ll put in a link, we can carry on flowing tomorrow.

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