Tuesday, 10 February 2015

To do or not to do.


It wasn’t built in a day.

It’s the Eternal City.

All roads lead there.

When you are there you should do as they do.

I di! I ate aubergine parmigiana. I drank wine from Sardinia.

I’m not sure the Romans do that.

I drove very, very fast – weaving in and out of the traffic.

Did you beep your horn?

I was in the back.

Not exactly driving then.

I went to an art gallery.

Any Romans there?

The girl who took my ticket might have been.

What did you see?

A Norman Rockwell exhibition.

Is he Roman?

Ok, ok, I’ve got it, I went to another gallery and Sophia Laurent was there.


Well, her photo was. Big, black and white – she looked fantastic.

Is she Roman?

She’s Italian.

It’s not the same.

Could be. Fellini was there too, his photo.

He might be Roman. But they weren’t “doing” anything were they, so were you doing as the Romans – were there any Romans looking at the pictures with you?

There was a girl selling tickets.

Did you sell any tickets?

You are making this very hard. Hang on - I went on the metro, there must have been at least one Roman doing that.


And I had a glass of orange juice in a café.

Two Dos then.

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