Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Frozen Playground.

No Way!

Blimey! I don’t think I’ve ever been so cold.

It’s not like Rome.

That is true.

But you’ve forgotten New York.

No I haven’t, it’s still there – out on the east coast of America.

Yes, but you’ve forgotten being there when you still were just skin and bones.

I’ve forgotten a lot of things from skin and bones days, which is a shame.

Would you go back?

What - if you gave me a time travel pass?

Not a pass, a one way ticket.

Well, apparently, according to you I was even fronzener than frozen.

The wind went through you like you were made of wet tissue paper.

So that doesn’t sound so inviting.

You had to keep moving, if you stood still for a second you turned to tundra.

Can you turn to tundra? Or do you trundle?

No it was instant. The temperature was below arctic.

No time to stop and take in the sights then. Couldn’t I go in a café and keep warm?

You had no money, and if you had of had the coins would blister your fingers when you touched them they were so cold.

No gloves then either. I had my gloves on today in the car, the steering wheel was untouchable.

The pavement was untouchable in New York, it was like being in a concrete playground covered in frost and you were playing football in bare feet because you had forgotten your sports equipment and the teacher was a sadist.

I remember his name.

Sue him.

No, Mr Coulson him.

footnote - names have been changed to protect the sadist.

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