Friday, 6 February 2015

Sign of the times.

NOT built in a day

Well that’s a surprise!

It certainly is!

A shock!


I nearly fell off my seat, and I was driving at the time.

I would have to.

I mean, why?


After all these years, 23 of them!

Er, hang on, what are we talking about? The 'editorial note x' (editorial note t)?

No, idiot.

NO! The sign!

You’ve seen a sign?

I have.

From on high?

Eh? No. But there’s concrete on the bottom.

Can’t be moved then.

No, not easily.

So our secret location is no longer a secret?

Not really.

Should we move?


footnote - this post needs a photo here to explain, but it's too cold to step out and take it, we'll fill you in later.

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