Sunday, 1 February 2015

Off to see The Pope.

as close as i got

So.......... If you could be anywhere in the world, right now, where would it be?





I want to be warm, and learn Italian. It’s freezing.

2 degrees.

Close as matters. It’s 14 in Rome.

Rome? What would you do if you were in Rome.

Eat Spaghetti, I’m hungry.

Come on, be realistic, if you were in Rome what would you do.

Well, I’d get off the plane.


Then I’d get a train to the centre.

Not a bus?

Well, I’d probably buy a bus ticket and stand in the queue, then I’d watch as some incomprehensible argument broke out ending with the bus agent screaming at the ticket seller and then throwing her official jacket on the floor and stomping off leaving a bus full of passengers and no driver – THEN I’d get the train.


Then, I’d get on the metro and head for the hotel, check in, and ask for advice about a nearby simple non-touristy restaurant.

And then?

I’d then ignore that advice and go to the place just around the corner that looked interesting.

Was it?

You bet…… (to be continued)

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