Sunday, 24 August 2014

Salient points of the road trip of the year

And a chance to use salient for the first (and now second) time ever in this blog  - except when I misspelt saline.

Finish work, change clothes and buy two holiday books.
Pick up wife at station.
Set off.
Get lost, sleep betwixt forest and mountain.
Pick up kids from grungy festival.
Open windows to let the smell of the unwashed drift away.
Drive into Spain, watch kids sleep in back.
Stop in small town to buy crabs legs.
Go to hospital check son into emergency.
Pay a lot of money.
Get lost up mountain track.
Get a puncture.
Sleep on shores of mountain lake.
Change two wheels at local garage.
Pay a lot of money.
Drive 3000 kilometres.
Give up reading first book
Park inforeign city.
Get towed away by police.
Pay a lot of money.
Go swimming.
Get stung by jellyfish.
Decline many offers to be pissed on.
Treat with banana skin.
Give up reading second book.
Turn off main road, follow lost valleys, swim wild in mountain river.
Eat the best Tapas ever, ever, ever.
Sleep in Eucalyptus forest high above ocean.
Swim in ocean on awakening.

Send a postcard.

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