Monday, 25 August 2014

Getting very near the end of the road trip of the year.

An unopened book – The Burial, Courtney Collins.
An opened book – Report from the Interior, Paul Auster.
One atop t’other.
September 2013 edition of Guardian Weekend, under a bedside lamp.
Part of another bedside lamp alongside.
A tube of Vegebom – can’t eat it, it’s an SOS balm with 8 plants. (Dr Miot)
Glasses in glasses case, red.
Five pens, three pencils (sharpened)  - ready for action, in a blue pot for convenience.
An “attach to book you are reading” lamp – battery powered, clip on. Not clipped on at the moment.
Fake sunrise, moonset, light-alarm-clock ……… not plugged in.
Two small cans anti mosquito spray, one tube of roll on anti mosquito smell.
No mosquitos.
An orange/yellow chance spinner dial. (reversible – blue green yellow black for more complicated decisions). Home made.
Photo of bride and groom.
Pot of Viks vapour rub – always handy, Grandma swore by it.
Bottle of essential oil equivalent – just in case.
A very big rounded stone from the ocean.

Shadows of some of these.

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