Saturday, 10 May 2014

Sing-a-long of the year.

Misty morning! Don’t see no sun!

Yeah, but I know it’s out there……….

Mysteries coming express …..etc etc etc

Do you start your days with a song?

Yesterday, or was it the day before (?), it was coffee and then Herman’s Hermits, today Bob. I’m making the tea, about to tuck into the muesli and there it is ….. just have to sing.

It IS a misty morning by the way, the cat woke me up, I stepped outside to feel the day and – boom – it’s misty.

Talking of misty, what I really want, right this morning is a new punctuation mark – a question-comma; it’s like a question mark but with a comma at the bottom not a dot.

I would have used it in the fifth line from the top – (?) doesn’t make it.


Lesley FW said...

I knew there was something missing from my life.

popps said...

OOh, this blog will give you that!
You don't need it, we've got it!
are you going to read ALL the missing pages?

Lesley FW said...

I'm pacing myself.

When does the new punctuation come out, I have thought of several more I would like.

The one I would use most is the pregnant pause.

popps said...

There is maybe a business oportunity/partnership here, what else have you got?

Lesley FW said...

A sigh.

popps said...

exclamation mark smiley.