Thursday, 20 June 2013

In The Tunnels of Time - The Alphabet

A long introduction from the Editor turned into a random link which might help explain it.

What you need to know - the Tunnel of Times is part of THE Archives which are not the archives and form a hitherto unknown subterranean chamber of a subterranean chamber deep with another the ceiling of which (or floor of which) - depending on where you were standing at the time, as was Ms Penny, or Ms Peggy depending on which it was and whether one of them is in fact a man - fell in and around which we are now wandering because it's open day/month.

What do don't need to know - but here it is anyway - is this Alphabet. written a long time ago (maybe) and archived in the drifting dust of The Tunnels

A- abandoned (a bit) and anachronistic (very). More as each day passes.
B- becalmed, not in a calm way.
C- conflicted.
D- depressed? Not clinically, spiritually.
E –ending, it feels like it.
F – forlorn. Yes. That’s the word, even if I didn’t spell it correctly the first time.
G – Greedy.
H – hesitant. Help.
I – irreproachable? Not.
J –Jurassic.
K – kindred spirit.
L- lost? Maybe.
M – missing something.
N – never want to say never.
O - only (if).
P- perfect. Got to be.
R – Realistic (un).
S – Save me from myself!
T – Tale.
U- Untold, unsaid, unfinished….

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